Procedure in case of imposed quarantine or coronavirus infection


In the case of imposed quarantine or diagnosed coronavirus disease, each student and employee is obliged immediately to fill

this form

and then report this fact to Ms Eva Šteffelová (H&S) by email without delay at Enter "Covid 19" in the email subject box and supply the following information:


You will fill in the following information in the form:
- Date (from which date you have been ill or put in quarantine):
- Name and surname
- Address where you will be staying during the quarantine
- Phone number
- CTU personal identification number
- Relationship to the Faculty (student/employee)
- Potential information if the infection spread at a mass gathering event (instruction, field trips, ...)
In addition, write if you have visited the CTU facilities during the last 2 weeks and which in particular, and add contacts from CTU that you have met.

Students are also obliged to:
- report the courses which they attended during the last two days before the positive test, including the teachers" names,
- apologize for their absence to the teachers according to the time schedule,
- inform the dormitory administrator about their mandatory quarantine of isolation