In Prague on 16. 2. 2021
 Ref.: 3/OD/921/2021



on Lifelong Learning Study
External Study of Selected Courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague


To implement Art. 2 Para. 2 of the Code Governing Lifelong Learning at CTU in Prague, pursuant to Art. 18 Para. 4 of the Statute of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, I hereby issue the following measure:


Article 1
Subject of regulation

The Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague (hereinafter "Faculty") implements Lifelong Learning (hereinafter "LLL") courses called External Study of Selected Courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague. Their content, tuition fee, organization, running and deadlines and other information are regulated by this measure.


Article 2
External study of selected courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague

  1. The Faculty enables passing individual selected courses taught in the Bachelor´s or Master´s degree study according to the applicant´s choice. The lifelong learning programme does not allow passing courses like Professional Practicum, Final Graduation Thesis Seminar or Final Graduation Thesis.

  2. The applicants register for the course by filling in the form published on the Faculty website. This form is sent by e-mail at the contact address listed in the form. The applicants can obtain more detailed information on LLL courses from the Head of Student Administration.

  3. The Faculty reserves the right not to allow an applicant to participate in the instruction in a selected course, particularly in the case that the time schedule capacity of the respective course has been fully used or for other organizational reasons.

  4. A binding agreement on participation in a LLL course is concluded between the applicant and the Faculty.

  5. The starting and completion dates of courses coincide with the start and the end of individual semesters of study according to the Faculty schedule for the respective academic year.

  6. The course and organization of instruction are identical to the corresponding course in the Bachelor´s or Master´s degree study. The instruction practice is at the discretion of the appropriate course guarantor in coordination with the appropriate Head of Department.

  7. The prescribed course completion (credit, classified credit, examination) are not compulsory for lifelong learning participants. A certificate of passing the course, however, is only issued after a successful completion of the course.

  8. Lifelong learning participants do not have the student status pursuant to Act No. 111/1998 Coll. On Institutes of Higher Education. Course participants shall comply with the Faculty and CTU internal legislation.

  9. LLL courses cannot be attended if the applicant
    • has interrupted full-time Bachelor´s or Master´s degree study at the Faculty or
    • is a full-time student in Bachelor´s or Master´s degree study at the Faculty.

  10. Applications for courses are sent to the Faculty Student Administration
    • from 1st to 15th September for instruction in the winter semester,
    • from 25th January to 10th February for instruction in the spring semester.

  11. The stipulated tuition fee for a course is CZK 1,400,- per semester for one instruction period per week, i.e. for the course structure of e.g. one lecture period and two seminar periods per week the course fee to complete the semester amounts to 3x1400,-.
    If an applicant registers for courses like Studio or Architectural Drawing or Graphical Presentation of Architecture, the stipulated course fee is CZK 1,900,- per semester for one instruction period per week.


Article 3

This measure comes into effect on the day it is issued.


prof. Ing. Jiří Máca, CSc. m.p.


More information you can find at CTU web site Lifelong learning at CTU