Bachelor study programme
Programme Civil Engineering


Study plans:

Study plan of programme

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Courses of acad. year 2021/22:

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About programme:

Degree: Bachelor
Form of study: Present (full-time on campus)
Standard length: 4 years (8 semesters)
Credits: 240 ECTS
Language: English
Programme co-ordinator: doc. Ing. Michal Jandera, Ph.D.


The bachelor study programme Civil Engineering aims to educate and train civil engineers to master a complex design of buildings. It focuses on buildings with details of building components but also covers a broader context of civil engineering. The aim of the study programme is to educate experts in the whole field of civil engineering for application in construction practice. It is also arranged as a basis for subsequent master´s studies.

The four-years programme (8 semesters) offers mainly fundamental courses and basic professional subjects in the first two years of the study. More specialised subjects and design projects are in the plan of the second half of the bachelor programme, where some of the courses are to be selected by a student based on his/her focus. Students can also enrol at other optional subjects from the faculty-wide offer of specialized subjects, foreign language training, etc. The study is completed by a final project - bachelor´s thesis in the 8th semester of study.

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, there are currently following follow-up master programs:

In English:
Programme Civil Engineering
In Czech language:
Programme Stavební inženýrství (Civil Engineering with several branches)
Programme Budovy a prostředí (Buildings and Environment)

Graduates can apply also for other than the above-mentioned master´s programs after differential exams.