KOS - study records


Topical news:

Registration for winter semester 2022/23 will start on Monday August 22nd at 4 p.m. The access for setting courses schedules is subject of Gradual enabling access to the time schedule (see below).

All students register electonically in IS KOS on their own by clicking on the "Close Registration" Tab.


The access is possible via a web interface or via the iKOS aplication. The web interface can be found on https://www.kos.cvut.cz (or via the KOS link on the Faculty website),

The registration name and the access password are the same for both types of access. The aplication and the web interface display and update the same data in the same database. The web interface covers functions for students and teachers, the iKOS aplication covers functions for administrators and department time schedulers and for Student Administration.

General information

Time schedules

Both the time schedules of study groups and the personal schedules are displayed on the Faculty website. Students can also display their own time schedules directly in the KOS application.

Organisation of gradual opening of access to time schedule

During night processing, KOS automatically assesses the weighted number of credit points for all students who still do not have access to the time schedule and allows access of another group of students to the time schedule. Night processing runs from 3 a.m. All students who have newly gained access to the time schedule are sent an information e-mail. Access will be divided into 5 waves of approximately the same size, the first opening on Monday August 22nd shortly after 4 p.m., the others are in the eartly morning in the period from Monday August 22nd up to Friday August 26th.

From Saturday August 27th 7 a.m., access to the time schedule will be opened to all students who will have complied with conditions for registration for the next semester.