From WWW to FCE Portal

The address of the Faculty's internal website will be changed to on Monday 17 May and the FSv Portal will be created.


It is customary for an organization's website beginning with "www" to contain content for the public. At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, it is now the opposite. The site contains mostly internal information for students and staff.

Misunderstandings arise when communicating about faculty websites. The terms "internal faculty website" and "external faculty website" still have to be used. After the change, it will be possible to use "Faculty Portal" and "Faculty Website".

The address "" will eventually be taken over by the faculty presentation website, which will become more accessible to prospective students and people outside the faculty.

Old links

We will ensure that all old links remain functional and automatically redirect to the new portal address. Any addresses that you have bookmarked, that are on other sites, or on printed materials will still be functional. Even web search engines will re-learn the new addresses within a few weeks.