Fire Resistance of Steel and Timber Structures

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The aim of this course is to give students an understanding of the design methods of structures at accidental situations, fire and explosion. The course is focussed on design methods involved in fire design: prediction of fire scenario, evaluation of fire load, calculation of gas temperatures in the fire compartment and structural analysis at elevated temperature. Special attention is paid to fire modelling when several design models is presented including nominal temperature curves, simple models and advanced models.
1 Introduction to fire safety
2 Fire load and models of fire
2 - Simple models for compartment fires, nominal fire curves, parametric temperature curve
3 Transfer of heat to steel structures
4 Material properties of steel at high temperatures
5 Fire resistance of steel elements
6 Design of joints
7 Fire resistance of steel and concrete composite structures, composite slab
8 Resistance of composite beams
9 Resistance of composite columns
10 Fire resistance of timber structures, behaviour of timber exposed to fire, fire protection of timber structures
11 Fire resistance of timber elements, design of joints
13 Advanced models in fire engineering
[1]  Franssen J.M., Vila Real P., Fire Design of Steel Structures - 2nd Edition, ECCS and Ernst & Sohn, 2015, ISBN 978-92-9147-128-7.
[3]  Wang Y.C., Burgess I.W., Wald F., Gillie M., Performance-Based Fire Engineering of Structures, 1. ed., CRC Press, 2012, ISBN 978-0415557337.
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