Department of Construction Technology (K122)

doc. Ing. Pavel Svoboda, CSc.
Veronika Holická
Deputy Head
Ing. Rostislav Šulc, Ph.D.
KOS - Officer for Timetable and Classrooms Utilization
Ing. Pavel Neumann
KOS - Study Officer of the department
Ing. Pavel Neumann
KOS - Study Officer for Final State Examination
Ing. Pavel Neumann
Ing. A. T. Tomáš Váchal, Ph.D.
+420 22435 4559
CTU Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Construction Technology
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6

A few words about

The department is in charge of instruction in Construction Technology catering for students of all branches of study at the Faculty and for students in the doctoral degree study programmes. The courses aim to provide students with new information and basic knowledge in the technology of construction processes, mechanization of the construction industry, theory of pre-production and production site preparation, time scheduling, design of construction site equipment, operative management of construction works, and the use of information technology in these activities. The emphasis is on the extension of technical, technological, economic and organisational knowledge and mastering the principles of independent managerial decision-making in business. An inseparable part is instruction in the fundamentals of health and safety and harmonizing the requirements for production in construction with environmental concerns. The theoretical background of technological courses is the branch of science of construction technology based on the analysis of building processes and solving the nature of production phenomena and issues in mutual interconnections, contexts and consequences. As construction implementation is the result of joint activity of specialists in all professions involved, students are trained with the participation of prominent experts from practice. Thus, instruction may simulate solving potential real life situations in the work of contractors or other business entities. The main objective of instruction is to foster students’ permanent skills of technological thinking and rational approaches to production problems and thus train them into qualified civil engineers prepared for the performance of managerial posts in contracting organizations as well as for their own independent careers in the business sector. In its research and development activity, the department staff members analyze basic construction processes in building and engineering construction, including the necessary mechanisms and auxiliary structures, quantitative and qualification demands for workforce, and optimize their course and continuity into process sets.