Calendar and Events

Currently The Dean of FCE announces a dean's day off for all employees and students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering on Thursday, April 6, 2023. Classes are cancelled.
07/03/2023 Registration for Collider 3 can be accessed via Course registration system KOS: Code CTUQCOL3, unitl March 19. Students will earn 5 ECTS for their successful participation in the Collider project course.
02/03/2023 From 1.3.2023 to 31.3.2023 you can apply for the CTU Mentoring program. From the list of mentors choose the one that best suits to your interests.
07/02/2023 Last call for enrollment in the EuroTeQ Course Catalogue for the summer semester. EuroTeQ Course Catalogue for summer semester is re-opened until 24th February. You can choose from courses that are tagged "last seats available". See instructions here.
28/11/2022 The new Dean's Directive for the implementation of bachelor's and master's degree study programmes at FCE comes into effect starting from December 19, 2022.
25/11/2022 The new Disciplinary Code for CTU students in Prague came into effect starting from November 10, 2022.

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