Information for staff


Methodological instruction of Vice-Dean for Education for the course of instruction in the spring semester of the 2020/2021 academic year.


Invitation to the seminar of prof. Bažant and doc. Eliáš. The seminar will take place on June 1 from 10:00 to 11:00 in room B-168a.


Dean FCE offers vacancy for the job: senior researcher in Sustainable Retrofitting and Post-war Reconstruction of Building Stock for mobility within the terms of the Research, development and education operation programme call for the “International mobility of research, technical and administrative staff of research organization” project /FSv7/. Requirements must be submitted before 2 June 2022.


Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU 2022/23 Academic Year Schedule.


Support for preparing competitive project proposals


How to arrange matters at Student Administration:
A) certificate of study – is supplied exclusively based on a student´s e-mail
B) other matters, or potential agreement on personal handing-in of documents can be arranged at Student Administration by e-mail or by phone.
Contacts to Student Administration are here.
For Faculty employees: Student Administration works in the standard regime. In the case of a necessary personal meeting, could you please arrange the meeting time in advance.

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