Notice: SD = Dean´s Directive, VD = Dean´s Regulation, OD = Dean´s Measure, PD = Dean´s Order


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports:


Internal and Study CTU Regulations

  • Internal CTU Regulations
    • Statute of the Czech Technical University in Prague
    • Rules of habilitation proceedings and proceedings to appoint professors of the CTU
    • Statute of Visiting Professors of CTU
    • Statute of Emeritus Professors of CTU
    • Rules of Selection Procedure to Appoint Academic Workers at CTU
    • Code Governing the Awarding of the Doctor Honoris Causa degrees at CTU
    • Code Governing Lifelong Learning at CTU
    • Disciplinary Code for Students of CTU
    • Scholarship Regulations of CTU
    • Code of Ethics of CTU
    • Internal Salary Regulation of CTU

  • Legislation and Study Regulations
    • Rules for Granting Scholarships of CTU
    • Payment for exceptional and non-standard administrative services
    • Rules of Residence of CTU
    • Study and Examination Rules for Students at CTU

  • Methodical guidelines
    • Methodical guideline No. 2/2020 of the Vice-Rector for Bachelor´s and Master´s Studies for Distance and Semi-Contact State Final
    • Methodical guideline No. 1/2016 on the support of students with special needs
    • Methodical guideline No. 3/2015 on support to parents - students
    • Methodical guideline No. 1/2009 for adhering to ethical principles when elaborating an academic final thesis

  • Fees connected with study
  • Accommodation Rules


Accreditation at FCE


Internal and Study FCE Regulations:


Dean´s Order

Dean´s Measures

Dean´s Regulations

Dean´s Directives



Methodological Instruction of the Vice-Dean for Education

Methodological Instruction of the Vice-Dean for Science and Research

Methodological Instruction of the Treasurer


Study Plans: (in Czech)




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