Dean´s Regulation on Conditions for Admission to Study in Doctoral Degree Study Programmes at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague


The admission of candidates to doctoral degree study programmes is regulated by the following documents: Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutes and Amendments and Supplements to Some Other Acts, FCE Statute, CTU Statute, these Conditions and Dean´s Directive on the Admission Procedure to Doctoral Degree Study Programmes (hereinafter Dean´s Directive).


Conditions for admission to doctoral degree study:
  1. University graduation in a Master´s degree study programme.
  2. Submitting a properly filled in application form by a specified deadline, in a prescribed way and with all prerequisites (including enclosures specified in the application form). The dates will be published on the FCE Official Board and on the FCE web site.
  3. Submitting a verified copy of the diploma granting a degree in Master´s degree study (the copy can be certified against the original by an authorized staff member during registration); if the previous education was completed in a country other than the Czech Republic or Slovak Republic, submitting a certificate of the diploma validation together with the application form. This requirement for submitting a verified diploma copy does not apply to graduates of Master´s degree study at FCE.
  4. In the case of foreign citizens (excluding candidates from the Slovak Republic) applying for study in a study programme taught in Czech, proof of readiness to study in Czech as specified in the Dean´s Directive.
  5. In the case of applicants for study in a study programme taught in English, proof of readiness to study in English as specified in the Dean´s Directive.
  6. Payment of the fee covering the acts related to the admission procedure.
  7. Successful passing of the admission procedure. The admission procedure is based on the assessment of submitted materials by the Board of Examiners. The Board may invite a candidate to an interview within the admissions procedure.


The course and time schedule of the admission procedure are regulated by the Dean´s Directive.

Approved by the Academic Senate on 28. 11. 2018