Methodological Instruction of the Vice-Dean for Science and ResearchNo. 1/2021, issued on 2021/02/08


for the course of instruction in doctoral degree study during the time of crisis measures



This methodological instruction is issued as a follow-up to Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to other Acts (Act on Universities), the Rector´s Order No. 9/2020 governing studies and examinations at CTU in connection with measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, and the Dean´s Order No. 1/2021 on mitigating the risk of coronavirus infection.

The document describes the procedure in case standard face-to-face instruction is disrupted during the time of a crisis measure declared under the Crisis Management Act or to impose an emergency measure under special law. It is obligatory for the teachers and students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague.


Article 1
Measures for ensuring continuous running of instruction in case it is necessary to limit face-to-face instruction at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague

  1. For all courses, the guarantors of individual courses must ensure the publication of basic study materials in the format of digital documents accessible to the students or links to publicly available sources. Pursuant to the Rector´s Order, the following tools are exclusively used throughout CTU: email communication, MS Teams, Moodle.

  2. In each course, no later than during the first lesson, the students shall be informed by their teachers about the method of instruction in the specific course in case it is necessary to limit face-to-face instruction and about the teacher´s communication method with the students.

  3. In the case of limiting face-to-face instruction, distance learning tools will be used.

  4. If a student is unable to fulfil their study duties because of the limitation of face-to-face instruction by the Faculty for objective reasons, they shall resolve their situation with the course guarantor without delay.

  5. The running of instruction in individual courses during the time when face-to-face instruction is limited is at the discretion of the Heads of respective Departments.

  6. Even during the time of limited face-to-face instruction, students must be able to make an appointment for an individual on-line or face-to-face consultation with their teacher.


Article 2
Limited presence of the academic community members in instruction

  1. If a personal presence of students in instruction is not possible for the reason of mandatory quarantine or a limited possibility of entering the territory of the Czech Republic in connection with the limitations in force, the student´s personal non-participation in a lesson in not considered as an absence.

  2. If a personal presence of students in instruction is not possible for the reason of infection with coronavirus disease
    • and the student´s state of health does not allow them to devote themselves to studies, the students may ask the teacher for individual distance learning in the self-study format, and the teacher is obliged to meet the student´s demand.

  3. In the case that a prevailing group of students is under mandatory quarantine, the teachers of compulsory and compulsory elective courses switch to the distance learning format (on-line teaching) for the respective group or the whole year of study.

  4. In the case that a teacher is unable to participate personally in instruction in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the teacher can use distance learning tools and teach from home. If the instruction cannot be conducted in the distance format, the Head of Department must appoint another teacher to take over the instruction.


Article 3
Study abroad

  1. The students studying abroad are recommended to:
    • take out an insurance policy in case of infection with coronavirus disease,
    • always have adequate financial resources readily available to allow their potential fast return home,
    • ensure medical care as a prevention. The recommendation applies to both the students who are not Czech citizens and study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague and the students who are Czech citizens and have left for a study stay abroad.

  2. If a student who is not a Czech citizen leaves the Czech Republic during the time of limited face-to-face instruction, they are still obliged to participate in distance learning from abroad.


Article 4
Final provisions

  1. The methodological instruction is in force from 1. 2. 2021.
  2. The methodological instruction can be further specified by other regulations.


In Prague on 28. 1. 2021

prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák
Vice-Dean for Science and Research