Department of Urban Water Management (K144)

+420 22435 4313
CTU Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Urban Water Management
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6

A few words about

The department provides the education of prospective water engineers who will be involved in the design, construction and operation of water piping, sewerage, water and sewage treatment plants, building services systems, swimming pools, and spa facilities. The instruction provided by the department includes integrated protection of natural waters and water sources, application of information technologies and software in projects. It is offered mainly to undergraduate students of Water and Environmental Engineering branches. The department also coordinates the Urban Engineering Programme within Water Engineering and Water Structures, Building and Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Business and Management branches. Besides, it offers baccalaureate courses and courses for PhD students. Finally, the department supports continuing education through courses offered to engineers specializing in urban planning.Research activities of the department focus on the treatment of surface water and undergroundwater for the production of drinking and service water, monitoring and modelling of water quality changes in selected areas, drinking water distribution networks and sewer systems. Further, the department is involved in the monitoring and evaluating of efficiency of activities of water treatment plants, intensification of treatment processes, and hydrology of urbanized river basins. Research of the department also aims at coordination of activities carried out within service systems reconstruction, completion and modernization development of current methods of laying service systems lines, optimization and improvement of the operation of water piping and water management systems of spa facilities, areas and zones.