Methodological Instruction of the Vice-Dean for Science and ResearchRef. 1/MPVv/922/2022


regulating the dissertation defence procedure



The document defines the procedure of checking submitted dissertations in the anti-plagiarism system and specifies the organization of the dissertation defence procedure.


Article 1
Check of dissertations

  1. Each dissertation written in Czech or English will be checked in the anti-plagiarism system after it has been handed in.
  2. After the dissertation submission, the Department of Science and Research will send the electronic version of the dissertation to an authorized person to check it for potential plagiarism.
  3. The authorized person will immediately do a check in an applicable anti-plagiarism system. The result of the check is a protocol on the performed check for plagiarism, which includes a list of potential offences against the ethics in citing sources, the identification of relevant parts in the dissertation and references to original sources. It also includes an overall evaluation of the thesis regarding the respecting of the citation ethics.
  4. The protocol on the check for plagiarism, together with the dissertation, is successively sent to the dissertation opponents, the Chair of the Dissertation Defence Committee and the student.
  5. The opponent is obliged to comment on the severity of a potential violation of citation ethics in their opinion. Pursuant to Article 30 of the Study and Examination Rules for Students at CTU in Prague, the opponent may not recommend the thesis for defence.


Article 2
Additional instructions for the dissertation defence procedure

  1. If a violation of citation ethics is stated in the protocol on the check for plagiarism, the findings must be discussed during the defence.
  2. The student can comment on the facts stated in the protocol on the check for plagiarism during the defence.
  3. The Committee must assess the severity of the violation of citation ethics and evaluate whether the thesis meets the criteria for a dissertation. In the dissertation defence minutes, the Committee must state how potential findings were settled and whether the thesis complies with all the criteria for a dissertation, in particular in terms of its originality and authenticity.


Article 3
Defence of a rewritten dissertation

  1. The dissertation opponents and the Dissertation Defence Committee, if it has already been appointed, remain the same.


Article 4
Final provisions

  1. The Methodological Instruction enters into force on 12. 4. 2022.
  2. The Methodological Instruction can be further specified by other regulations.


In Prague on 11. 4. 2022

prof. Dr. Ing. Bořek Patzák, m.p.
Vice-Dean for Science and Research