Directive No.4/2017Ref. SD 4/922/2017

Dean´s Directive No. 4/2017
for the Defence of Doctoral Students´ Dissertations at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague


The dissertation (hereinafter "DT"), its evaluation and defence are regulated by the Study and Examination Rules for Students at CTU in Prague of 22. 9. 2017 (hereinafter "SEC") in Art. 28 and Art. 30.

This Directive specifies the procedure and the required enclosures necessary for the proper acceptance of the Application for Permission to Defend the Dissertation in Doctoral Degree study programmes at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague as regulated by SEC within Art. 30, par. 1.

Prior to submitting the Application for Permission to Defend the Dissertation, a doctoral student is obliged to check the courses registered and the examinations passed in the KOS system.

Obligatory enclosures to the Application:

  1. Dissertation in 4 copies (bound; with a full text version on CD attached to the back cover)
    Dissertation on CD – according to logomanual CTU
  2. Brief curriculum Vitae (including professional and research activity)
  3. Supervisor´s review of the course of study
  4. Theses of the dissertation, including its English title  – 12 pcs, A5 format
  5. Abstract of the dissertation in Czech and English, key words of the dissertation (max. 1 A4 page) sent electronically by e-mail at:
  6. Poster with dimensions of 70 x 100 cm + electronic version
    (containing: name, title of dissertation, supervisor, department, faculty, DT period, abstract, results, outputs)
  7. Excerpt from V3S (Science, Research, International Relations component)
    • In the list of publications which is part of the theses, in the case of co-authorship of more authors, doctoral students shall state their approximate proportional author´s share in percentage for each individual publication.
    • Students in the Systems Engineering and Geodesy and Cartography programme are further required to include in the list of publications (this requirement applies to students who completed their study block - i.e. professional courses according to ISP, EL, debate - after 21. 6. 2012):
      1. at least one article published in a peer-reviewed journal registered in the SCOPUS database
      2. in this article, the doctoral student should be the author with at least 60% author´s share stated in the V3S database


Applications for Permission to Defend the Dissertation cannot be sent electronically for the reason of including signatures (of the applicant and Branch Board Chairperson).

This directive cancels Directive No: 6/2015


In Prague on 21. 11. 2017

prof. Ing. Alena Kohoutková, CSc.
Faculty Dean