Personal web pages hosting on the Pepa server

Employees of the faculty may present their personal web pages on the Pepa server. Those pages can be accessed at the address, where username is the CTU username.

After terminating the employment, web pages on the server Pepa cease to exist.

Getting Started

  • The employee will create his/her account on the Pepa server. This can be done after logging into StavNet (Edit personal data > Registered accounts: edit > New Pepa account). Your password created there will be used only to access the Pepa server.
  • Access is provided over FTPS (encrypted FTP), or from the faculty network by mapping the folder \\\username
  • Inside your newly created home folder, you will find a folder public_html. This is where you should place your web pages. Default page must be index.html or index.php.

Uploading Files

Connect to Pepa ( via FTPS – FTP Secure (not to be confused with SFTP). Unencrypted connection is prohibited. Choose FTPS protocol (not SFTP), explicit encryption, port 21.

Total Commander

Total Commander knows how to connect via FTPS. Use Total Commander version 9 and up. There are lots of instructions for older version (they had to be augmented with libraries libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll), but they do not work with current cryptography anymore.

While setting your FTP connection, check SSL/TLS, and use ftps:// as Host.


WinSCP is a free open source client that knows how to use FTPS connections. While setting your connection, choose FTP protocol, TLS/SSL explicit encryption, and port 21.

Linking your personal pages from StavNet

In StavNet, you can add a link to your persona web page. After that, the link will be displayed in FCE personal search.

Upper-case and lower-case letters

The Pepa server Pepa is case-sensitive when dealing with file names. Therefore, you should be consistent.

.htaccess file

The .htaccess file has a special meaning. It contains configuration options for the web server and it is valid for the folder it resides in, and all of its subfolders. Full documentation can be found on a Apache project web pages.

Restricting access

If you desire to restrict access to a folder, place a .htaccess file inside it. The file can contain e.g. following settings, that will allow access from FCE only. The Allow option can be used repeatedly.

    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from

Folder content listing

If your folder does not contain index.html or index.php file, displaying of its content will not be allowed and the user has to know the complete path to the target file. If you want to allow listing files in the folder, it should include file .htaccess containing:

    Options +Indexes


The Pepa server runs on Linux Debian with Apache web server, MariaDB (MySQL) database, and PHP.


For support relating to running web pages or connecting to the Pepa server, please contact staff of FCE IT Centre via HelpDesk, project FSv_VIC_IT_Problémy a požadavky.