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Timetable of multiple courses at once

K101 - Department of Mathematics
101KGA1 Constructive Geometry A
101KG01 Constructive Geometry
101MAR1 Mathematics R1
101MAR2 Mathematics R2
101MA01 Mathematics 1
101MA02 Mathematics 2
101MA03 Mathematics 3
101MA1E Mathematics 1
101MA2E Mathematics 2
101MA3E Mathematics 3
101MM2G Mathematics 2G
101MPRS Probability and Statistics
101MT02 Mathematics 2
101M1A Mathematics 1A
101M2A Mathematics 2A
101M3A Mathematics 3A
101NMT Numerical Methods
101STAG Statistics
101XKA2 Constructive Geometry - repetitorium A
101XKPA Curves And Surfaces in Structural Applications
101XMG2 Mathematics 2 - repetitorium G
101XM2R Mathematics 2 - repetitorium
101XPYT Python for Engineering Applications
101XSM2 Seminar Accompanying Mathematics 2
101YFAV Introduction to Functional Analysis and Variational Methods
101YMCD Methods of Time Discretization
101YMST Mathematical statistics for technicians
101YNUM Numerical Methods
K102 - Department of Physics
102FYI Physics
102FY_2 Physics 2G
102PHD Physics
102POV1 Fire and Explosion 1
102XFS Physical seminar
102XFS2 Physical seminar 2
K104 - Department of Languages
104CFL1 Czech/Foreign Language 1
104CL2 Czech/Foreign Language 2
104XAE2 English (Erasmus 2 ? lang. preparation)
104XA2T English (UNICERT ? advanced prep. course 2)
104XA2U English (UNICERT ? advanced prep. course 2)
104XA23 English (intermediate conversation 2)
104XCI2 Chinese (beginners 2)
104XCI4 Čínština (general pre-intermediate 2)
104XDAG English (Grammar Practices)
104XDI2 Italian (Italian for Beginners 2)
104XDI4 Italian (Pre-intermediate Italian 2)
104XDN2 German (beginners 2 )
104XDN4 German (lower intermidiate 2)
104XDN6 German (for general purposes, intermediate 2)
104XDS2 Spanish (for general purposes, beginners 2)
104XN23 German (intermediate conversation 2)
104YCA1 English 1
104YCN1 German 1
104YC2A English 2
104YC2N German 2
K105 - Department of Social Sciences
105ESSO Aesthetic and Sociology
105SOSC Social Sciences
105SVAI Social Sciences and Architecture
105XAT1 The Applied Theory of Price
105XPDF Practice of Digital Photography
105XRE1 Rhetoric
105YSAS Sociology and Psychology
K122 - Department of Construction Technology
122BOZF Health and Safety Management in Construction Company and on Building Site
122BPS BOZP at work in construction company
122ITSL IT ( Information Technology) L
122MEST Mechanization of construction
122PJ1R Project R1
122PRJL Project Design
122PR01 Project Design L01
122SDP4 Structural Design Project 4
122SPTC Robot Control and Special Technology
122TDOS Technology of Traffic Buildings
122TEPR Construction Technology Design
122TES2 Construction Technology 02
122TSC Construction Technology C
122TSQ Technology of Structures N
122TSR Construction Technology R
122TSVZ Technology of Construction Z
122YMKS Construction Quality Controlling
122YTP Technology of preparatory processes
122YTPP Technology of preparatory processes
122YZS Special construction and technology
K123 - Department of Material Engineering and Chemistry
123BUC Chemistry
123CHE Chemistry
123MAOP Materials for Monument Protection
123SHR Building Materials R
123SH01 Building Materials
123TVSM Production technology of building materials
123XCHR Chemistry - repetitorium
123YMPU Materials for Coatings
123YNTP Numerical Analysis of Transport Processes
123YSHA Bulding Materials in Architecture
K124 - Department of Architectural Engineering
124AKUB Acoustics of Buildings
124BC01 Non-loadbearing Construction
124BIMR BIM - Revit Architecture
124BQCA Building Quality Complex Assessment
124BRA BIM - Revit Architecture CE
124BSD2 Building Structures 2
124BS1E Building Structures - E
124CADE CAD 1 (E)
124CAE CAD Systems: AutoCAD 1
124DOSB Daylight in Buildings
124DRS Timber Constructions
124EDC Civil Engineering in Developing Countries
124FSHB Fire Safety and Healthy Buildings
124INB1 Integrated Design of Buildings
124KKL Completing Constructions L
124KKQ Completing Constructions Q
124KKR Completing Constructions
124KKT Completing Constructions
124KK01 Non-Load Bearing Construction
124MAKV Measurement of Acoustic Quantities
124MDO Measurement of Daylighting
124PBSQ Fire Safety of Buildings Q
124PBZN Fire Protection and Healthy Buildings
124PDRE Failures, Deterioration, Renovations
124PDR2 Failures, Deterioration, Renovations 2
124PORE Fire Repression
124PRO Project
124PR1Q Project 1-Q
124PSA2 Buildings 2
124PSA3 Buildings A3
124PSE1 Building Structures 1E
124PSHB Failures and Renovations of Historic Buildings
124PSI1 Building Structures 1I
124PSI2 Building Structures 2I
124PSR1 Building Structures 1R
124PSR2 Building Structures 2R
124PS2E Building Structures 2
124P01C Structural design project 1
124P04C Structural Design 4C
124SDP1 Structural Design Project 1
124SEM Seminar Thesis
124SP2B Specialized design project 2
124TEOB Thermal Protection of Buildings
124TT2C Thermal Engineering in Construction 2
124XBDS Biological Degradation of Buildings
124XBGA BIM Graphisoft ArchiCAD
124XCAP CAD systems: AutoCAD advanced
124XCA1 CAD Systems: AutoCad 1
124XTEC Technical Documentation
124XZK Technical drawing
124YDRS Timber Buildings
124YKHK Building Quality Complex Assessment
124YKSD Complex Structural Detail
124YLOP Lightweight Building Envelope
124YMOB Modelling of Buildings - BIM
124YMPE Advanced fire and evacuation modeling
124YPFS Precast concrete structures
124YPRM Natural and Recycled Building Materials
124YRHS Reconstruction of Historical Building Structures
124YZSK Plotting of Building Structures
124ZSSC Basic of Construction
K125 - Department of Indoor Enviromental and Building Services Engineering
125APTM Applied Thermomechanics
125BSE Buildings Services Systems
125CHLA Cooling of Buildings
125EABB Energy Audit of Buildings
125EABU Energy Audit of Building
125ESB Buildings Ecology Systems
125ESLA Energy Sources and HVAC Laboratories
125LTZB Laboratory of Building Services Systems
125MBTZ Building and HVAC Systems Modelling
125MEC Simulation of Building Energy Performance
125OZE1 Renewable Energy Sources
125PBZB Fire Services
125PIB1 Project 1
125SP2B Specialized Design Project 2
125TBU Building services systems 1
125TBUQ Building Services Systems - Q
125TB2 Building Services Systems 2
125TCHB Technological Equipment of Buildings
125TIEN Energy and Indoor Environment
125TZBR Building Services System R
125TZP Fire Equipment Protection
125TZ01 Building services systems 1
125VPTZ Indoor Environment of Buildings
125YEMR Electrotechnical Engineering, Measurement and Control of HVAC Systems
125YNST HVAC and services design
125YOPZ Gas services systems
125YOZE Renewable Energy Sources
125YPMT Building services systems CAD, modelling and simulation
125YTCH Technological Equipment of Buildings
125YUOB Artifical illumination
K126 - Department of Construction Management and Economics
126BIMP BIM - Information modeling
126CMAN Construction Management
126DSP Diploma Seminar
126ECM Economics and Management
126EKMN Economics and Management
126FAMG Facility Management
126FIIK Financing, Investing, Contracts
126FRIN Financial Management, Capital Investment and Insurance
126IMAB Building Information Management (BIM)
126INZG Engineering
126KANR Costing and Bidding L
126KNL Costing and Bidding L
126MGTA Management A
126MRIP Risk, Capital Investment and Insurance Management
126OCIS Pricing of Civil Engineering Works
126OCS2 Construction Pricing 2
126OS2P Construction Pricing 2
126PJMS Marketing in construction - project
126PJRS Construction Preparation and Management Project
126PM2 Project Management 2
126STMN Construction Management
126SWPX Software for Business Practice
126VEIN Public Investment Construction
126XVSD Public administration for developers
126YBIM Building Information Modelling - Fundamentals
126YCOC Construction Contracting
126YCOE Construction Contracting
126YCON Construction Contracting
126YEKP Construction Business Management
126YEMB Energy Management
126YIPD Small Business
126YMCC Management in Construction Company
126YMFL Managament in Construction Company
126YOIS Pricing of Civil Engineering Works
126YPDV Development Project
126YPER Human resource management
126YSWO Construction Estimation Software
126YVSF Small Business Management
126ZINP Small Business
126ZIPN Basics of innovative business
K127 - Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning
127ATUR Urban Studio
127CP11 City Planning 11
127ESUD Experimental Studio of Urban Design
127HPGB Historic Parks, Gardens and Built Environments
127LAHE Landscape Heritage
127PZ01 Project Design 1
127SPPI Spatial Planning and Public Infrastructure
127UKKO Urban and Landscape Design
127ULPC Urban and Landscape Planning of the 21st Century
127URDA Urban design
127UR2B Urban Planning 2
127UTS Urban Design and Information Systems
127UVI Urban Planning and Public Infrastructure
127XCAD CAD in landscape planning
127XKRS Landscape and Settlements
127YKRP Landscape Planning
127YSUP Landscape Planning (seminar)
127YUR3 Urban Planning 3
127YUZM Territorial Management
K128 - Department of Applied Informatics
128ACU Advanced Computer Use
128CGR Computer Graphics
128IDBS Information Systems and Database Systems
128MBIM Managing Information in BIM
128MTSM Modelling - Technology, Society and Money
128OOR2 Optimization and Operations Research 20
128PMA Project Management
128PMDB Process Modeling and Data Formats for BIM
128XCP1 C# Programming Language and Application Development
128XCP2 C# Programming Language and Application Development
128XTEX TeX and Computer Typography
128YNAA Design and Analysis of Algorithms
K129 - Department of Architecture
129AAKA Architectural and Constructional Design
129ACM1 Architectural CAD Modelling 1
129ACM2 Architectural CAD Modelling 2
129ADM2 Design Studio 2M
129AD2 Architectural Drawing 2
129AKR Architectural drawing
129ATA3 Design studio 3
129ATZ1 Introductory design studio 1
129AT01 Design studio 1
129BPAA Bachelor Thesis
129CTA Composition and Theory of Architecture
129C4D Cinema4D - Free Modelling
129DAR1 Development of Architecture 1
129DA02 History of Architecture 2
129DEAR Development of Architecture
129DS2 Design Studio 2 (Civil Buildings)
129DS3 Design Studio 3
129IHT Industrial Heritage - Theory and Practice
129INDS Introductory Design Studio
129IN2 Interior 2
129KOMP Composition
129NBSC Architectural typology
129NB02 Architectural typology 2
129SAR Contemporary Architecture
129SCP1 Stage Operation 1
129TSTP Traditional Building Technologies and Crafts
129TWP Prague Architecture. Field Trips
129TYBC Building Typology
129XAM2 Architectural models 2
129XIND Interior and design
129XMEK Membrane structures
129XPTF Creative photography
129XZPP Za památkami Prahy
129YDA4 History of Architecture 4
129YGA1 ArchiCad 1 - Elementary
129YGA2 ArchiCad 2 - Advanced
129YGCI Cinema
129YGRE Revit
129YG3D 3D Max
129YOPA Heritage preservation
129YPSA Psychology of Architecture
K132 - Department of Mechanics
D32EX2 Experimental Analysis of Structures II
D32MH2 Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Materials II (Numerical Methods)
132DKBU Diagnostics of Structures and Buildings
132DS01 Dynamics of Structures
132DYKC Dynamics of Building Structures
132DY01 Dynamics of structures 1
132EADC Experimental Analysis and Diagnostics C
132EANK Experimental Analysis and Diagnostics K
132EXAN Experimental Analysis
132PRA Strength of Materials A
132PRPE Strength of Materials
132PRUR Theory of Elasticity
132SMA1 Structural Mechanics 1A
132SMA2 Structural Mechanics 2A
132SME2 Structural Mechanics 2
132SME3 Structural Mechanics 3
132SMR1 Structural Mechanics R1
132SMR2 Structural Mechanics R2
132SM01 Structural Mechanics 1
132SM02 Structural Mechanics 2
132SM3 Structural Mechanics 3
132SM3E Structural Mechanics 3
132ST02 Structural Mechanics 2
132VPCM Variational Principles in Continuum and Structural Mechanics
132XPV2 Engineering Computing in C++ 2
132XSR2 Structural Mechanics 2 - Repetitorium
132XSR3 Structural Mechanics 3 - Repetitorium
132XVHO Rural historical objects, statics and reconstructions
132YDSK Diagnostics of Building Structures
132YMCK Micromechanics of Cement-Based Composites
132YNAK Nonlinear Analysis of Materials and Structures
132YNA2 Numerical Analysis of Structures 2
132YNMI Numerical Methods in Engineering Practice
132YPM1 Computer Analysis of Structures 1
132YPM2 Computer Analysis of Structures 2
132YSHK Statics and Reconstruction of Historical Structures
132YUPM General Principles of Mechanics
K133 - Department of Concrete and Masonry Structures
133ARST Architecture and Statics
133BK02 Concrete and Masonry Structures 2
133BZA2 Concrete and Masonry Structures in Architecture 2
133BZE Concrete and Masonry Structures E
133B03D Concrete Structures 3D
133B04C Concrete Structures 4C
133B04K Concrete Structures 4K
133CASD Computer Aided Structural Design
133CM02 Concrete and Masonry Structures 2
133CM04 Concrete Structures 4
133FSTC Fundamentals of Structural Design - Concrete
133NKRB Load-bearing Structures Design - Concrete
133NNKB Fundamentals of Structural Design - Concrete
133P04C Structural Design 4C
133SDP4 Structural Design Project 4
133YATK Applied Theory of Structures
133YBKC Concrete and Masonry Structures 1
133YBKP Computer design of concrete structures
133YBSV Concretes with Special Properties
133YMVB Concrete and Masonry Structures 1
133YPNB Fire desgn og concrete and mnsory structures
133YTBM Technology of Construction and Reconstructions of Bridge Structures
133YVHB Ultrahigh Performance Concretes
K134 - Department of Steel and Timber Structures
134DISE Diploma Seminar
134DK01 Timber Structures 1
134DK02 Timber Structures 2
134DOA1 Steel and Timber Structures in Architecture 1
134FDTS Fire Design of Steel, Concrete and Timber Str.
134FSTT Fundamentals of Structural Design - Steel
134GLST Glass Structures
134GSTR Glass Structures
134NKPS Design of structures during construction process
134NKRO Load-bearing Structures Design - Steel
134NNKO Design of Supporting StructuresI - Steel
134OCM2 Steel Bridges 2
134ODKM Steel and Timber Structures
134ODKV Steel and Timber Structures
134O02D Steel Structures 2D
134P04C Structural Design 4C
134SALS Stainless Steel and Aluminium Structures
134TS01 Timber Structures
134TS02 Timber Structures 2
134XCOD CAD/CAM in steel and timber structures
134YDK Additional timber and metal structures
134YDUV Timber and Sustainable Construction
134YHNK Stainless steel and aluminium structures
134YNDK Load-bearing timber roof constructions
134YNKS Glass Structures
134YNSK Design of Glass Structures
134YOM2 Steel Bridges 2
134YPDK Additional Timber and Metal Structures
134YPOD Fire Resistance of Steel and Timber Structures
134YSOD Connections of steel and timber structures
134YSOK Special steel structures
134YTSK Thin-Walled and Composite Structures
K135 - Department of Geotechnics
135DISE Diploma Seminar
135FS02 Foundation of Structures 2
135GM01 Geomechanics 1
135GM2I Geomechanics 2I
135MZA Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
135P04C Structural Design 4C
135SOM1 Soil Mechanics 1
135YGEM Geotechnical monitoring
135YING Engineering geology
135YKA Stones in architecture
135YMPK Mechanics of underground structures
135YVPZ Computer analysis in underground structures
135YVZK Computer analysis in foundation engineering
135YZKS Soil structures
135ZPS Foundation Engineering and Underground Structures
135ZSE Foundations E
135ZSVT Foundations
135ZS02 Foundations 2
K136 - Department of Road Structures
136DISE Diploma Seminar
136DSUZ Transport Structures and Urban Planning
136RPK Road Structures Construction
136SS02 Road construction 2
136S03K Road construction 3D
136S04D Road construction 4D
136TSUP Transp. Structures and Urban Planning
136UDST Introduction to Transportation Facilities Engineering
136YMKO Urban Roads
136YMVZ Pavement mechanics
136YPPK Intersection Highway Design
136YSSO Road Software
K137 - Department of Railway Structures
137YAZS Project - Progressive application of substructure
137YEAD Ecological Aspects of Transport
137YKZE Construction of Railway Structure
137YMKK City Rail Transport
137YVTK High Speed Tracks
137ZE01 Railway Structures 1
137Z02K Railway structures 2K
137Z03D Railway Structures 3D
K141 - Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology
141HYA Hydraulics
141PVTS Water Courses
141REFP River Engineering and Flood Protection
141VTO Water Courses
141WEIL Series of Water and Environment Invited Lectures
141YRIM River Morphology and Engineering
K142 - Department of Hydraulic Structures
142HYSE Hydraulic Structures
142NVS Water Resources Management
142OKHH Steel Structures in Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
142PPVD Dams and the Operation of Hydraulic Structures
142PRVD Management of Hydraulic Schemes
142RVS Realization of Water Management Structures
142VIZP Water and Environmental Engineering
142VVE Hydropower plants
142XIMS Building Information Modelling in Water Management
142XIVD Interaction of hydraulic structures and the environment
K143 - Department of Landscape Water Conservation
143APE Applied Ecology
143DEOK Dendrology and Landscape Protection
143DISZ Project
143EMAM Environmental Monitoring and Data Assimilation Methods
143ENE Environmental Engineering
143GIPU GIS and Land Consolidation
143GISE GIS in Landscape Engineering
143GWHM Ground Water Hydraulics and Modelling
143PZ01 Project Design 1
143YMPP Surface processess modelling
143YTPR Transport Processes
143YTUV Technical Structures on Small Watercourses
143ZAOS Irrigation and Drainage Systems
K144 - Department of Urban Water Management
144CIV Water quality
144HZIP Accidents and the environment
144MVSO Urban Water Management Modelling
144OUP Urban drainage
144OUUC Urban Drainage and Water Quality
144PUCV Wastewater treatment
144UDPV Treatment and distribution of drinking water
144VHOB Urban water management
144YECO Ecotoxicology and Waste Water Treatment
144YLHN Mitigation of hazardous substances incidents
K154 - Department of Special Geodesy
154GED2 Geodesy 2
154GED4 Geodesy 4
154INGE Engineering Surveying
154ING3 Engineering Surveying 3
154SGEA Land Surveying
154SG01 Land Surveying in Civil Engineering
154SPG Land Surveying in Civil Engineering and Industry
154TCV2 Theory of Errors and Adjustment Calculus 2
K155 - Department of Geomatics
155ADKI Algorithms in Digital Cartography and GIS
155CART Cartography
155FGIS Free Software GIS
155FTG2 Photogrammetry 2
155GEP2 Geodetic instruments 2
155GIT1 Informatics 1
155GPL1 Survey Sketches 1
155IN3G Informatics 3
155KAR1 Cartography 1
155KNEM Cadastre of Real Estate
155PHOG Photogrammetry
155PKAR Project - Cartography
155SVPD Collection and visualization of spatial data
155TGD2 Theoretical geodesy 2
155TG4 Theoretical geodesy 4
155YPDI Spatial Documentation of Interiors
155YWEK Web Cartography
155YZPZ Processing of Remote Sensing Data
1551GIS GIS 1
K210 - Experimental Centre
210DIST Diagnostics of Buildings
K220 - Centre of Experimental Geotechnics
220ERNW Experimental Research on Nuclear Waste Disposal