How to apply


If you want to apply to the Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague, the process is much the same as that for other European universities.

An application form can be accepted only if you meet this requirement:
The application form must be submitted with all signatures (applicant, supervisor, head of department), together with all required documents to the Faculty´s Student Administration.


Several simple steps:
  1. First of all, choose the programme of study according to your specialization before the submission of the application for study
  2. Contact the Director of this study programme with the help of the Department of Science and Research. The Director of the study programme will appoint you supervisor and determine the department where you will conduct your study. The supervisor will guide the students during their study.
  3. Design your own individual plan of study that must list six courses suggested by the supervisor (electronically in the KOS System) These courses are compulsory. Students also have to pass a mandatory examination in one foreign language. In addition, optional courses may be added to the plan upon the supervisor´s recommendation.
  4. Fill in the application form and prepare all required documents. The validation process or nostrification takes approximately 30 days. It is a good idea to solve it well in advance.
  5. Fill in and print out the CTU electronic application at:, attach compulsory enclosures to it and submit all in printed form (included all enlosures) included all signatures (applicant, supervisor, head of department) to the Department of Science and Research.
  6. Upon the admission proceedings completion, you will be informed about the decision. If you are admitted, the Department can conclude a contract with you. (Full-time doctoral degree students may be employed in research projects.).


After admission

  1. Find accommodation in Prague
  2. CTU will issue a letter of admission and a financial agreement and confirmation of accommodation at a CTU dormitory
  3. Apply for a visa at the Czech Embassy in your country


Note: Application forms cannot be sent by electronic mail for the reason of the necessity of adding signatures (candidate´s, supervisor´s, head of department´s).

Please send the applications to Mrs. Ing. Radmila Hamarová at the Department of Science and Research.

Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague
Department of Science and Research
Ing. Radmila Hamarová
Thákurova 7
CZ 166 29 Prague 6, Czech Republic