Doctoral Studies

Doctoral degree study programmes offer the highest formal level of education characterized by individual study and student´s own research activity carried out in cooperation with an experienced supervisor. This type of study is the preparation for both career paths in research and in highly qualified positions in a wide range of other professions.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague ranks among cutting-edge workplaces in the field considering doctoral degree study as one its priorities in the long term. The Faculty offers study in a range of interesting programmes and cooperation with prominent experts in the field, who work as supervisors at renowned workplaces equipped with a modern infrastructure. Students can be involved in research into diverse research projects, work in peak-performance laboratories, compete for scholarships and grants and complete part of their study abroad.



Invitation to the 13th annual conference NMM2022 - Conference Nano and Macro Mechanics. The conference will be held on September 15, 2022 at the FCE. Registration and abstract submission will take place by 24th June 2022.


Support for preparing competitive project proposals

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