Doctoral Studies | Life-long learning | Habilitation and Professor Appointment Procedures


Forms of Doctoral Studies (DS)

Admission Process:
Application form for study
Instruction of students/interns of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU in Prague about H&S and FS

Course of Study:
Interruption studies - application    DOC ; PDF - change 17.3.2021
Application for a change in the type of study    DOC ; PDF - new 1.9.2022

Professional Debate:
Application for a professional debate    DOC ; PDF - change 17.3.2021

State Doctoral Examination:
Application for state doctoral examination    DOC ; PDF - change 30.9.2021

Defence of doctoral theses
Information on the defence of the doctoral thesis
Application for permission to defend the doctoral thesis    DOC ; PDF - change 20.4.2023
A model of front pages of theses
Unified appearance of doctoral theses Faculty of Civil Engineering
Opponent´s Review of the Doctoral Thesis    DOC ; PDF - change 28.4.2022

Confirmation of study in English can be obtained at the Department of Doctoral Studies (printed from KOS)

Forms - Lifelong learning for doctoral students
DS Application for a Lifelong Learning Course at the FCE    DOC ; PDF - change 1.2.2022
Life-long learning course participation agreement    DOC ; PDF - new 17.2.2021


Forms of Habilitation and Professor Appointment Procedures

Review of Thesis    DOC ; PDF - change 15.3.2021
Mandatory Contract    DOC ; PDF - change 27.5.2021