Habilitation and Professor Appointment Procedures

The habilitation proceedings under § 72 and the proceedings of appointing professors under § 74 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Institutions of Higher Education and on Amendments and Supplements to some other Acts, at CTU are held in the branches with valid accreditations (§ 82 par. 3 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll.).

In habilitation proceedings, the applicant´s scientific or artistic qualifications are verified, particularly on the basis of the habilitation dissertation and its defence and other scientific, professional or artistic works, and their pedagogical qualifications are verified on the basis of the evaluation of a habilitation lecture and their preceding pedagogical practice (§ 72 par. 1 of Act on Institutions of Higher Education).
Associated professors in individual branches are appointed by the Rector based on habilitation proceedings.

In the proceedings of appointing professors, the pedagogical, scientific or artistic qualifications of a candidate, who is a prominent and respected personality in a given field of science or art, are verified. A precondition for initiating the proceedings is that they were previously appointed associate professors in habilitation proceedings, if it included submitting the habilitation dissertation. In exceptional cases, when the candidate nominated for the professorship has already been appointed as professor at a prestigious higher education institution abroad, the Rector may waive the provision of a previous associate professor appointment as the precondition for a professor appointment following a proposal by the University Scientific Board (§ 74 par. 1 of Act on Institutions of Higher Education).
Professors in individual branches are appointed by the President of the Czech Republic following a proposal by the University Scientific Board filed via the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic (MŠMT ČR).

The practicalities of habilitation proceedings and professor appointment proceedings are regulated by the Rules of habilitation proceedings and proceedings to appoint professors of the CTU Prague, which also include the form "Brief Applicant´s Characteristics" and the table "Quantified Criteria at CTU in Prague", which serve to verify the applicant´s pedagogical and scientific qualities.

The agenda is administered by the Department of Science and Research of the Faculty of Civil Engineering,, phone: 22465 8735.