Doctoral Degree Program Civil Engineering
Branch of study Mathematics in Civil Engineering


The graduates of specialization Mathematics in Civil Engineering acquire knowledge in those areas of Mathematics that are applicable in solving problems of engineering requiring to the solution methods of Scientific Computing. To this purpose the following topics of Mathematics and Computer Science are needed: numerical linear algebra, mathematical analysis, functional analysis, optimization methods, probability theory and mathematical statistics. The emphasis is upon efficient methods of solving the engineering problems using advanced tools of Mathematics, Computer Science and parallel computer techniques. Large scale problems based on multi-physics models need to be solved using multi-level numerical solvers (multi-grid, domain decomposition methods, aggregation/ disaggregation methods etc.) To solve large-scale problems efficient methods of control of the results are needed as well as efficient methods of validation and verification.

The graduates of specialization Mathematics in Civil Engineering are well prepared to become members of working teams at any institution or firm where Scientific Computing is a regular method of solving appropriate large-scale problems. The academic sphere as well as industry and business are typical employments for the graduates of this specialization.