Doctoral Degree Program Construction Management and Engineering


The study program is focused on basic and applied research and independent creative activity in civil engineering, in the areas of project management of buildings, supply systems, corporate management, building construction, quality management, cost management in relation to life cycle costs construction (LCC) and construction life cycle analysis (LCA), investment and financing of buildings, risk management, and information technology in the management of construction. It is a managerial and technical program focusing on conceptual and strategic planning, preparation, implementation and operation of buildings. The study program is focused on the basic types of construction works - building construction, civil engineering, transport construction and ecological construction. The study program responds to the current global developments in the field of building management and implementation using software tools, in particular Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Doctoral students will deepen their knowledge of basic disciplines (Theory of Reliability and Mathematical Statistics, Risk Analysis and Management, Scientific Research Method) and Economics and Management in Civil Engineering (Management and Information Models for Construction Management, Advanced Cost Management, Theory and Practice of Strategic Management in Construction, Advanced Methods of Project management, Construction Innovation Engineering, Information Systems for Facility Management, Energy Management.). According to their orientation the candidates will choose the focus of their research on construction management, investment projects, use of mathematical models in civil engineering, and so on.

The graduate of the Ph.D. programme can be employed in practice in construction companies in management positions that require in-depth technical and economic knowledge in relation to construction management, construction economics and management of construction companies. Further the graduate can act in such fields as investment financing, expert activities, assessments of large and complex technical and economic projects.