Instructions for BT/DT Assignment Forms


In the box "BT/DT submission date", the Department fills in the date specified in the respective academic year schedule.


To assign the Bachelor/Master Thesis, the Department can also use the form prepared in IS KOS, where the student´s personal and study data are automatically pre-filled.


The form must be processed in 3 copies - 1x Department (copy), 1x student (original), 1x Student Administration (copy, is handed over by the Department).
The Department assigns the thesis to the student no later than in the 1st week of the semester in which the student has registered for the thesis.
No later than by the end of the 2nd week of instruction in the semester, the Department sends 1 copy of the Thesis Assignment Form to the Student Administration and enters the data related to the final thesis in IS KOS.


FCE Student Administration
February 2022