Information for first-year students


Welcome as new users of the CTU network. An account in the Usermap system has been/will be created for each student enrolled in the first year. This application is administered by CTU for all its faculties, and after you have acquired your first password, you will be able to access numerous CTU applications via your account.


How to acquire the first password

Your user name and CTU password will only be provided to you after your registration for study. After your registration has been processed, you will enter the password in the Usermap – First Password application by yourself. To be able to enter your password, you need to know the code of your application for study and control data (date of birth). The application form code is available to you from the admissions proceedings. It was also written in the first email which you received from the Faculty, this email confirmed the acceptance of your application form.

In exceptional cases, if there are any problems, but only after your registration for study again, you can get a password in person at the CTU ID Cards office – e.g. if you studied at CTU before and the password from the past does not work. We recommend that you combine your visit to the CTU ID Cards office with the issue of your CTU ID card.

As soon as you have acquired your registration data, i.e. your user name and the CTU password, you can do, among others, the following:

  • register for the KOS application (KOmponenta Studium/COmponent Study -- registrations, courses, grades)
  • change your CTU password in Usermap (User profile -- Settings -– CTU password setting)
  • enter the password for the Eduroam Wi-Fi network in Usermap (User profile -- Settings – Eduroam password setting)


How to sign in

You sign in to most services (KOS, Usermap, FCE Portal site ...) directly with your username (for example hulamil1) and the CTU password. Some services, however, require your user name with the suffix (for example Although it looks like an e-mail address, it is not an e-mail address. The suffix only informs the service (e.g. Microsoft Teams) that you belong to the CTU organization.


E-mail addresses

You entered and successively verified your personal e-mail address in your application for study at CTU. This address is presently filed in the Usermap system and is sufficient for completing all your studies, including gaining student licences for all necessary software applications. Carefully consider creating one of the addresses described below. By creating them, you will be obliged to actively use them, and the addresses cannot be redirected.

If you are interested, you can get a student e-mail and, together with it, the Office 365 mailbox. It is an automated process within the Usermap application (User profile -- Settings -– E-mail account setting – Request for CTU e-mail address). The accounts are centrally administered by CTU for all its faculties. The access procedure to the mailbox can be found on the IST - E-Mail services page.

You can also apply for the Faculty e-mail address in the form It is a manual process and your request must be justified. Enter your requests at HelpDesk (Create -- Project: FSv_VIC_IT_Problémy a požadavky). With your address, you will acquire an IMAP account on the Faculty mail server.

If you have more e-mail addresses, select one as the preferred address in the Usermap application. All CTU and FCE automated systems will communicate with you via this address. If you create a University or a Faculty address, one of them will be set up as the preferred one, and the University will no longer communicate with you via your personal e-mail address.

The full list of the state of your e-mail addresses can be found after registration to the FCE Portal site -  – E-mail Services.


Where else shall I go?

We recommend reading the IST – I am a Student page. You can find there further information about the services provided by the University, such as user accounts and passwords, and also e.g. CTU ID cards, software downloads available to students, data saving and sharing, financial credits, accommodation and eating out.

You can also visit the Faculty Computing and Information Centre´s (CIC) page where you can read about all services provided by FCE CIC.


When technology does not work

The running of the computer network, the Faculty e-mail addresses and data storages are administered by FCE CIC (FCE Computing and Information Centre). Please report technical problems to HelpDesk (Create -- Project: FSv_VIC_IT_Problémy a požadavky).