Building Materials

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Garant předmětu: doc. Ing. Alena Vimmrová, Ph.D.
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Anotace(semestr )
Main aim of course is giving basic information about the structure and properties of the building materials and about their testing methods on the base of the contemporary knowledge and materials engineering approach. The laboratory work (exercise) consists in the testing of building materials from the point of view of physically - chemical properties and their quality control.
1. Materials in construction - history, European codes and standards.
2. Materials performance and its measurement.
3. Chemical, physical and biological properties of structural materials.
4. Binding inorganic materials - air lime, gypsum, hydraulic lime.
5. Cement, rendering and plastering mortar.
6. Aggregates for concrete - aggregate grading
7. Concrete - fresh and hardened concrete, properties of concrete.
8. Ceramics, clay masonry units - durability, requirements for CMU.
9. Metals - steel, metals used in construction.Corrosion and degradation.
10. Dampness in buildings - interconnection of voids and pore structure.
11. Plastics - thermoplastic material, thermosetting resins.
12. Materials for thermal and watertight insulations.
13. Testing methods and quality control of building materials.
Povinná literatura:
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[2]  Soutsos M., Domone, P.: Construction Materials. Their Nature And Behaviour, Taylor & Francis Group; 2017, ISBN 9781498741101.
Doporučená literatura:
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[4]  Aitcin, Pierre-Claude:High Performance Concrete. CRC Press, 1998, ISBN-13: 978-0419192701
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[5]  Materials on the department pages:
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