Material Engineering

Kód předmětu: 123MED
Garant předmětu: prof. RNDr. Igor Medveď, Ph.D.
Zakončení předmětu: Z,ZK
Počet kreditů: 5 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 2+2

Anotace(semestr )
Subject gives information on principles of designing and development of new types of materials having directed properties for specific building applications and structures.
1. Introduction to the material engineering - history, basic principles, relationship performance - properties
2. Materials structure - atom structure, electron configuration, periodic table, chemical bonds.
3. Nature of building materials. Crystalline and amorphous solids, crystal lattice, defects and impurities.
4. Material properties with respect to their material structure. Texture, structure, basic physical properties, porosity, hygric properties.
5.Thermal properties - heat transport, thermal conductivity, thermal capacity, thermal elongation. Acoustic properties.
6. Structural glass and polymers. Polymer classification, composition. Polymer behaviour, glass transition. Testing and utilization.
7. Wood. Definitions, classification, structure, properties. Engineered wood.
8. Building stone. Degradation, preservation and consolidation. Mortars. Types, classification, components.Properties and application.
9. Composite materials. Forming of structure, synergy. Concrete, HPC, HSC, UHPC. Pores in concrete, concrete hydration.
10. Concrete - factors influencing structure. Influence of porosity, high temperatures and frost on the properties.
11. Lightweight materials. Lightweight concrete, foamed polymers, fibrous materials. Thermal insulations - types, preparation, application.
12. Methods of determination of structure, composition and properties of materials. Optical methods, RTG analysis, thermal analyses, porosimetry, NMR.
13. Degradation of building materials. Chemical and physical degradation, biodegradation. Corrosion.
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