Energy Optimised Timber Buildings

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Anotace(semestr B231)
The aim is to present a complex overview on energy efficient timber structures. Basic theoretical and design principals are presented. The lectures are focused on following technologies of timber structures: (i) heavy timber skeleton systems, (ii) light timber structures based on 2x4. (iii) CLT, (iv) log house. All technologies of timber structures are presented in structural and building physics context of low energy and passive buildings.
1. Structural systems of timber structures 1
2. Structural systems of timber structures 2
3. Structural details of timber structures. Designing of timber structures. Multi storey timber structures. (up to 4.floors)
4. Structural analysis of timber structures. Spatial rigidity of timber structures.
5. Fire resistance of timber structures
6. Energy passive buildings - principals and context
7. Energy passive buildings - calculations, building envelope, thermal protection of buildings. Wood microstructure.
8. Thermal humidity phenomenon in building envelope of timber structures
9. Accumulating properties of Timber structures and summer overheating risks. Structural details of timber structures from building physics point of view.
10. Acoustics of timber structures
11. Building service systems in timber structures
12. High-rise timber structures. Timber structures and sustainable buildings
13. Failures and risks of timber structures
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