Economics and Management

Kód předmětu: 126ECM
Garant předmětu: doc. Ing. Aleš Tomek, CSc.
Zakončení předmětu: Z,ZK
Počet kreditů: 7 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 4+2

Anotace(semestr B232)
A-Z of construction engineering and management both at the corporate and project level. All participants, processes and aspects of the construction industry are introduced. Course concentrates on all major topics of company and project management, e.g. business development and marketing, bidding, planning and controlling of all vital processes, financial management, cost control, risk management, etc. Lectures are based on the real practice experience of all course''''s lecturers and various case studies are studied and solved. Online Building Industry Game (BIG) will be played by all course participants through the whole semester (a computer simulation of a realistic business environment where participants play the role of contractors, competing in a market with variable demand for construction work). In this online game, developed and directly operated by the California Polytechnic State University, students act as contractors, managing both, their companies and projects.
1. Challenges of construction industry, summary of key management problems
2. Short introduction to organisation of construction firm, process management
3. Review of company management handbook - operations manual
4. Application of engineering economy - capital investment evaluation
5. Project management - project mission, what the client wants, managing stakeholders
6. Project coalition ( forming and motivating), managing the supply chain
7. Project life cycle, managing the budget, risk and uncertainty, project information flow
8. Contract management as basis of the project outcome - types of contractual arrangement, program management
9. Bidding process - practical approach to the estimation area
10. Planning methods for construction project management as basis of everyday perfomance, site productivity control
11. Project administration
12. Project financing and management of financial risks
13. Procurement and purchase strategy of construction firm. Equipment management, total quality management
Povinná literatura:
[1]  J. Schaufelberger, L. Holm: Management of Construction Projects, Prentice Hall, 2017, ISBN 9781138693913.
[2]  F. Gould, N. Joyce: Construction Project Management, Pearson, 2014, ISBN-13: 9780132877244.
[3]  S.Peterson: Construction Accounting and Financial Management, Pearson, 2019, ISBN-13: 978-0135232873
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