International Architectural Studio 3

Kód předmětu: 129IAS3
Garant předmětu: prof. Ing. arch. Michal Hlaváček
Zakončení předmětu: KZ
Počet kreditů: 10 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 0+8

Anotace(semestr B232)
As part of the bachelor''s degree, it is possible to complete the studio 129IAS3 International Architectural Studio 3 in English, instead of the studio 129ATA3, taught in a joint group with foreign students who come to the university primarily as part of the Erasmus+ program. Students work in teams (2-3 members) in such a way that there should not be students from the same country in the team. This creates the possibility of establishing new relationships, gaining experience from a different work and cultural environment, and expanding communication skills. The IAS2 studio offers the opportunity to prepare for work in an international environment or for an internship abroad. Part of the studio teaching is a 4-day workshop at the FSv training center in Telč.
The subject follows on from studio AT02, the content of which is the building of one of the common types of civic amenities of small size with one operating circuit.
The topic of the IAS3 studio (ATA3) is a building of a larger scale with more operating circuits in a specific environment. It is a building of a common type of civic amenities of medium size.
An integral part of the theme is the adjacent public space.
[1]  Applicable legislation, periodicals - in particular: Wettbewerbe Aktuell, Detail, Architekt, Stavba, Stavebnictví a interiér, Materiály pro stavbu, Domus, Wallpaper etc.,
[2]  Website:,,,,,,,,,,
[3]  Neufert and other building typologies
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