Structural Design Project 4

Kód předmětu: 132SDP4
Zakončení předmětu: KZ
Počet kreditů: 5 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 0+4

Anotace(semestr )
Focus on complex approach to practic design, analysis and optimalization of multi-storey or long-span building structures, or their reconstruction. Analysis of load, functional and technologic requirements, design of load-bearing system alternatives including foundations, preliminary bearing elements dimensions calculation, choice of most suitable version. Detailed statical design of chosen version, calculation, technical report and drawings. Check of bearing and non-bearing structures interaction and assembly techniques. Public presentation.
According to individual assignment
The Department is very active in research and development, especially in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics and computer modelling. The Department‘s members work, among others, on the development and application of modern computational methods, mathematical and numerical modelling, advanced experimental methods, composite materials, porous materials, and biomechanics.
[1]  in accordance with the specification
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