Structural Design Project 2

Kód předmětu: 133SDP2
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Zakončení předmětu: KZ
Počet kreditů: 6 kred.
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Anotace(semestr )
Elaboration of the structural part of the project documentation for the given structure (part of the structure). The design of the selected variant of the structure with regard to the requirements of other professions. Structural analysis and drawing documentation to the extent specified during consultations. The Department of Architectural Engineering (K124) and Geotechnics (K135) collaborate in teaching in the course.
The subject is focused on the structural part of the project documentation of the structure or a structural part. The design is usually based on architectural drawings with proper layout of the building - the assignment is chosen by the student and approved by the teacher. The architectural layout can be modified, too.
The student develops a conceptual design of the loadbearing structure and a more detailed analysis of the selected part. The aim is also discussion of a variant solution of the structural system or particular structural elements, the choice of appropriate calculation models and methods. The collaborating departments are the Department of Architectural Engineering (K124 – controls the assignment, composition of floor layers and details required for correct structural design) - and Geotechnics (K135 – consultation of foundations of the building).
Presentation of the design project and discussion are integral parts of the course.
[1]  Foster Jack Strond: Structure and Fabric, Parts I - III, Longman 1994
[2]  Barritt C.M.H.: Advanced Building Construction, Vol 1 - 4, Longman 1991
[3]  Procházka, J.; Štemberk P.: DESIGN PROCEDURES FOR REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES, ISBN 978-80-01-04240-3, Published ČVUT
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