Structural Design Project 3

Kód předmětu: 133SDP3
Zakončení předmětu: KZ
Počet kreditů: 5 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 0+4

Anotace(semestr )
The subject is focused on concrete and masonry structures. The assignment can be: elaboration of the structural design documentation, the analysis of the given problem requiring subject matter search and literature retrieval, the numerical analysis of the selected element or part of the structure, the preparation, execution and evaluation of experiments, etc. Collaboration of several students on one assignments is also possible. Consultation with participating departments K124 and K135 is not mandatory for all students. The extent of outputs depends on the type of assignment and the decision of the leading teacher.
The student''s self-work on an individually assigned design project, research work or experimental project, often in a combination. The content and extent of the project is specified based on the processing of partial tasks and consultations.
[1]  Foster Jack Strond: Structure and Fabric, Parts I - III, Longman 1994
[2]  Barritt C.M.H.: Advanced Building Construction, Vol 1 - 4, Longman
[3]  1
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