Steel Structures 2

Kód předmětu: 134ST02
Zakončení předmětu: Z,ZK
Počet kreditů: 4 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 2+2

Anotace(semestr )
The course gives the basic information to steel structural design including detailing and advanced materials and ctructural solutions. The main focus is on the industrial structures including pipelines, silos, cranes, masts and towers.
Introduction: Steel grade selection, toughness
Global analysis of structures, buckling of structural systems, buckling of tapered members in bending and compression
Connections: nominally pinned, semi-rigid and rigid connections, joint classification, connections made by pins
Steel and concrete composite structures
Fire resistance of steel and composite structures
Single storey buildings with cranes: crane runway beams, bracing, detailing
Masts (electric power transmission lines), towers, chimneys
Silos, tanks and pipelines
Industrial and technological structures
Cable and membrane structures
Scaffolding: connections, space stiffness and stability
Aluminium alloy and stainless steel structures
High strength steel structures
[1]  Guo-Qiang Li, Jin-Jun Li: Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames, 2007
[2]  Theodore V. Galambos, Andrea E. Surovek: Structural Stability of Steel: Concepts and Applications for Structural Engineers, 2008
[3]  Jandera - Eliášová - Vraný: Ocelové konstrukce 1, cvičení, 2015 ( - Teaching)
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