Water and Environmental Engineering

Kód předmětu: 142WEE
Garant předmětu: doc. Ing. Ladislav Satrapa, CSc., Ing. Martin Horský, Ph.D., Ing. Miroslav Brouček, Ph.D., Ing. Milan Zukal, Ph.D.
Zakončení předmětu: Z,ZK
Počet kreditů: 4 kred.
Rozsah výuky: 3+1

Anotace(semestr )
In the course students will obtain basic knowledge about water and environmental management. The course focuses on practical knowledge with close relation to other disciplines of civil engineering. The subject is taught in form of lectures and tutorials. The stress is laid on presentations with case studies (positive and negative) using all audio visual forms. Lectures of this course are divided into two parts Water Engineering and Environmental Engineering.
Introduction to the Water Engineering; Water retention - landscape planning
Data sources, climatic and hydrologic data and their processing, precipitation-drainage processes
Water drainage from river basins, watercourses, flooding analysis; Water as a part of ecosystem
Water resources, water supply and water treatment for water supply, transport of water
Structures and line conduits for water drainage and waste water treatment; Ameliorative works
Waste water, output, discharge and treatment of waste water
Mineral springs spa, swimming pools, balneotechnology; Sustainable development
Environmental Impact Assessment, GIS in environmental engineering
Hydraulic structures on watercourses, loads on water management structures, weirs and waterways
Dams, basic description, safety requirements; Soil and water, soil contamination and remediation
Exploitation of hydropower, turbine types and operating hydropower schemes
Operation and monitoring of hydraulic structures; Landscape reclamation and rehabilitation
Critical situation on the hydraulic structures, prevention and solution of critical situations
[1]  Novak, P., Moffat A.I.B., Nalluri, C., Narayanan, R. Hydraulic Structures 4th ed. Oxon: Taylor & Franics, 2007, 700 s., ISBN 978-041-538626-5
[2]  Kiely G.: Environmental Engineering; McGraw Hill International Editions, 1996, 979 s., ISBN 0-07-116424-3
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