Doctoral Degree Program Environmental Engineering


Very broadly drawn up study program, summarizing application of environmental approaches in all disciplines of civil engineering. Main topics of doctoral thesis concentrates to water management and water structures, landscape engineering and landscape management, urban planning, transportation structures, but also standard building structures, with special interest to energy savings, recycling and new materials and resources.

Students have opportunity of very wide selection of special subjects directly at Faculty of Civil Engineering, but also at other faculties and universities.

The goal of the study branch is to produce broadly educated technician, specialized to wide spectrum related, often purely environmental sciences. The ability of combination and synthesis of information and their practical application is emphasized the same, as good potential to use and apply modern methods and technologies, as mathematical modelling, experimental methods, or GIS tools.

The graduates of doctoral program Environmental engineering have very good chance to apply in the field of science of education in the Czech Republic or abroad. Specialization of potential application is the same broad as study program itself. However, there is high demand also in state administration, especially in the field of environment conservation and water management branches. In case of industry, graduates staff positions of medium management in large constructing companies, design studios, or other enterprices, according to their specialization.