Frequent questions related to doctoral degree study


Admission proceedings:

  • Can a doctoral degree study applicant send the application by post?
    No, each applicant should bring the application with the Supervisor´s and the Head of training Department´s signature to the Doctoral Degree Study Department in person.
  • Should I just pay the administration fee related to the admission proceedings?
    No, a proof of the administration fee payment must be enclosed to the application.


Individual Study Plan (hereinafter ISP):

  • How many courses must be included in ISP?
    ISP must include 6 compulsory professional courses (compulsory courses role), English (compulsory languages role). The other courses are elective (elective courses role).
  • At what moment is ISP mandatory?
    ISP comes into effect at the moment of its approval in KOS by the Supervisor, Head of training Department and Branch Board Chair.


Professional Debate (hereinafter PD):

  • Can a Ph.D. student ask for the transcript of courses, which is a compulsory enclosure to the application for PD, or how long does it take to issue the transcript?
    Yes, a Ph.D. student can pick up the transcript of courses from KOS, which is validated and handed over to them without delay, at the Doctoral Degree Study Department.
  • Can a Ph.D. student send their application for PD at the time when all their courses have not been completed yet and must they complete the courses before Professional Debate is held?
    Yes, a student can hand in the application for PD even in the case that they have not completed all the relevant courses. The courses, however, should be completed before Professional Debate is held.
    At the moment when all compulsory courses and Professional Debate have been passed, the study block completion must be certified in KOS (certification in KOS can be obtained at registration for the next academic year).


Study Block Completion:

  • What is required for study block completion?
    Passing 6 compulsory professional courses, English and Professional Debate.


Doctoral Final Graduation Examination (hereinafter DFGE):

  • When must the application for DFGE, including its compulsory enclosures, be submitted?
    The application for taking DFGE must be submitted to the Doctoral Degree Study Department before the DFGE Board is appointed.
  • How long must the notification of holding DFGE be publicly available on the official notice board?
    The DFGE notification must be publicly available 14 days before the DFGE is held.