Commercialization Committee of FCE, CTU in Prague


Committee Statutes

  1. The members are:
    1. FCE Vice-Dean for R&D
    2. FCE Vice-Dean for International Relations
    3. Faculty Secretary
    4. Faculty Experts with Experience in the IP and TT process
    5. Head of the Legal Department
    6. FCE Technology Scout
    7. Representative of the Department for Technology Transfer of the Rector´s Office
  2. The Committee meets pursuant to the Rules of Procedure and provides recommendations for the Dean and background materials for the Rector´s Office Departments for decision making in matters related to intellectual property protection and technology transfer.


Committee Rules of Procedure

  1. The Committee convenes regularly twice a year and irregularly, as needed; its decision making at regular meetings is usually personal and outside regular meetings usually per-rollam.
  2. The Technology Scout prepares the background materials for the Advisory Section members and, by agreement with all members, sets the date and type of meeting.
  3. The Advisory Section members prepare background materials for the Decisioning Section members´ decision making in advance so that the Decisioning Section has 5 working days to study them.
  4. The Advisory Section members prepare recommendations for each discussed innovation, in the case of a lack of information, they return the background materials to the Technology Scout for complementation and the Technology Scout prepares the next round of discussions.
  5. The Technology Scout prepares the results of the discussion for the Vice-Dean for R&D, who will submit the results of the discussion to the Faculty Management.